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Welcome to the FiddleOn Magazine website.
FiddleOn is no longer published. It was published between 2000 and 2015, it has now merged with Living Tradition. These were the aims of FiddleOn:

FiddleOn was a publication aimed specifically at the UK fiddle player. It kept you, the fiddle player, informed about workshops, courses, festivals, CD and book reviews, news items and general chitchat from the UK fiddle scene. Small enough to fit into your fiddle case, FiddleOn was crammed packed with informative articles and features such as:

Interviews with famous fiddle players and composers. Articles about workshops, festivals and events. Tips on technique and style.
Each issue also contained two pages of music
notation and the magazine was posted straight to your door.

FiddleOn magazine is no longer published, it has now merged with Living Tradition. To subscribe to Living Tradition, please here.
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