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Issue Number 6  Number of this issue available: 0

issue 6
Feature article: Hardanger Fiddles – The attraction of Hardanger fiddles by violin maker Doug Clague.

Other articles
: Somme Weekend – an account of a weekend spent fiddling in Somme, Northern France. Going Where the Fiddle Takes You (3) – This time Trevor Buck writes about a four week trip to the States staying at the Valley Of The Moon Fiddle Workshop in Califonia, The Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp in Calorado and the Elkins Fiddle Week in West Virginia. A Mechanical Fiddle – a piece about a pianola which is an automated piano with three built-in machanical violins.

Pete Cooper article: How does changing the key effect a tune?

Nick Woodward article: How a bow effects your playing.

Tunes in the centre pages
: Three hardanger fiddle tunes – Gullykelen, Springar Etter Herman Straumen, Gangar Fra Iveland.

Books reviewed
: John Moar looks at Scots Fiddle Volume 2, The Spider's Web, Direct Roots Directory and Tommy's Tunes Series.

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