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Issue Number 27 Number of this issue available: 0


Issue number 27 of FiddleOn magazine is 50 pages packed with interesting articles and useful information. In addition to regular items such as news and views, details of workshops and CD reviews, this issue also contains:

Ashokan Farwell – more than just a tune. Trevor Buck chats to American fiddle player and composer Jay Ungar. Jay talks about his most popular tune Ashokan Farewell and his connection with guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Visit the Jay Ungar's website.

Sarah-Jane Summers. Sophie Parkes talks to fiddle and Hardanger player Sarah-Jane Summers. Sarah talks about her current projects and her fascination for the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle.

The Hardanger Fiddle. A short piece about the Hardanger fiddle.

Unsung Heroes Trevor Buck writes about the unsung heroes who run sessions week in week out throughout the UK.

Masterclass with Peter Knight Chris Nelson writes about a masterclass run by Peter Knight one weekend in Septmember.

FiddleOn Folk Music Weekend. An article about the forthcoming FiddleOn Folk Muisc Weekend to be held at Farncombe Estate over the weekend of 27 February to 1 March. Tutors include Anna Esslemont - fiddle (Uiscedwr), Karen Tweed - piano accordion (Poozies, Swap), Tim Edey - guitar (Sharon Shannon, Michael McGoldrick) and Sarah Allen - flute (Flook). The weekend is open to any instruments - not just fiddle players

Tune in the centre pages
The Wizard's Walk. A tune written by Jay Ungar.

Trad Music in Crisis? Mark Morpurgo writes about the reduction in funding that many music groups around the UK are experiencing.

In his regular article, Glen Titmus writes about how to prepare and fit new pegs.

Fiddle maestro and teacher Pete Cooper writes about how to avoid speeding up while playing and maintaining a steady speed.

A chance to win John McCusker's new box set kindly donated by John MucCusker and Navigation Records.
Other stuff in this issue include: CD reviews, book reviews, a music quiz, news and chitchat from the UK fiddle scene and classified ads.