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Issue Number 26 Number of this issue available: 0

issue16 This issue of FiddleOn magazine (number 26), is 50 pages packed with interesting articles and useful information. In addition to regular items such as news and views, details of workshops and CD reviews, this issue also contains:

Thirty Years an Oyster. Trevor Buck chats to Oysterband fiddle player Ian Telfer. He talks about the the band's early years through to the band's huge popularity of today. Visit the Oysterband website.

Fiddle Festival of Wales 2007. Paul Powell reports on last year's Fiddle Festival of Wales. A now established festival held each August in Stackpole in Pembrokeshire.

Rachael McShane. Sophie Parkes chats to Rachael McShane, cello and fiddler player with Bellowhead. Rachael talks about learning the fiddle and various musical projects she is currently involved in.

Left-Handed Fiddles Violin maker Bill Smith writes about how left-handed players cope with playing the fiddle - an instrument designed for the right-handed player.

Left-Handed Fiddle Player - Aonghas Grant A short piece about the UK's most famous left-handed player; Scottish performer and teacher Aonghas Grant.

Oxford - Fiddle City Trevor Buck chats to Tom Bell-Richards of the Oxford Fiddle Group who celebrate their tenth anniversary this summer.

Perthshire Amber A short piece about this year's Perthshire Amber, Dougie MacLean's festival held each October in central Scotland.

Tunes in the centre pages
The Porteynon Whim - Mympwy Portheinon and Nyth y Gwcw. Two tunes commonly played at The Fiddle Festival of Wales.

Alison McNeill's Fiddle Workshop Liz Gower writes about a workshop run by Alison McNeill Last April in Gourock, Clydeside.

The End of an Era A short piece about the Yorkshire Dales Workshop. After 16 years of promoting traditional music, the YDW will not be seeking funding for future events.

In his regular article, Glen Titmus writes about setting up the action of the fiddle. Also talks about the latest strings on the market.

Fiddle maestro and teacher Pete Cooper writes about 'fiddle singing', the skill of singing while accompanying yourself on the fiddle.

A chance to win two tickets to this year's Fiddle Festival of Wales kindly donated by The Fiddle Festival of Wales.
Other stuff in this issue include: CD reviews, book reviews, a music quiz, news and chitchat from the UK fiddle scene and classified ads.