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This issue of FiddleOn magazine (number 33) has 52 pages packed with interesting articles and useful information. In addition to regular items such as news and views, details of workshops, book and CD reviews, this issue also contains:

On a Lifelong Journey. Jeremy Weaver chats to Wolfstone frontman Duncan Chisholm. He talks about having lessons as a child from one of Scotland’s best teachers Donald Riddle. He also talks about the music that resulted following his search for his roots among the glens of the Highlands. Visit Duncan’s website.

Oliver Wilson-Dickson of Mabon. Sophie Parkes talks to Welsh band Mabon’s fiddle player Oliver Wilson-Dickson. He talks about his musical roots, playing in Mabon and what befell the band when they played at Cropredy on Friday 13th this summer.

Playing from the Heart. Sophie Parkes chats to English player Tom Kitching. Tom talks about canal boats, playing in a duo and other projects he is working on.

What is this? There is a sort piece about a kit violin, or Tanzmeistergeige as it is called in German.

A short History of the Irish Session John Offord looks at how pub sessions started in the UK. Looking partictuarlly at Irish sessions in London in the 1950s.

Delwen Timms. A short obituary on Delwen Timms, owner of Strings By Post who sadly passed away a couple of months ago.

Goose’ Anders and the Näcken. Pontus Adefjord writes about a remarkable Swedish player Anders Ljungqvist who, legend has it, was taught to play by the mythical Näcken (water spirtits).

Cotswold Masterclass A piece about the annual masterclass run by Steeleye Span fiddler Peter Knight.

Tunes in the centre pages
Mountain Road, Bonny Kateand Jenny’s Chickens. A set of tunes that Michael Gorman used to play at London sessions in the 1950s.

In his regular article, Glen Titmus talks about the best way to find a good violin repairer.

Lost in France David Barker writes about a workshop he attended this summer run by Joe Broughton and Kevin Dempsey in the heart of rural France.

Review of The Dave Swarbrick Chin rest marketed by Bridge Violins.

Fiddle teacher and writer Chris Haigh talks about basic bowing bowing techiques.

A chance to win a batch of band new Fiddle CDs.
Other stuff in this issue include: CD reviews, book reviews, a music quiz, news and chitchat from the UK fiddle scene and small ads.