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Issue Number 18 Number of this issue available: 0

The main article in this issue of FiddleOn magazine (number 18) is the biggest issue we have ever published with 48 pages, crammed packed with interesting articles and useful information. In addition to regular items such as news and views, workshops and reviews, this issue also contains:
The main article is about England's top fiddle band Feast of Fiddles. This article is written by Sophie Parkes who spoke to the band during a recent tour.

Other articles in this issue
Ian Campbell Folk Group – The band with the fiddler. Ian Campbell talks to Trevor Buck about the folk revival of the late 1950s. Ian also talks about the use of fiddle players in folk bands at that time.

"Boy there's people who do better than me" – Ric Sanders. Sophie Parkes talks to Ric Sanders about his jazz influances, and his twenty years in Fairport Convention.

"Here's one you'll like" – Stephen Boldwin, English fiddler. Philip Heath-Coleman writes about the life and times of Stephen Boldwin (1873 1955). An English fiddle player from the rural Forrest of Dean

Ulrich Schwabe (violinmaker and musician) Ulrich talks to Hazel Marsh about taking up the violin in his native Germany, and how the idea of making a fiddle first came to him in a dream. Ulrick now makes electric violins under the name of Fidelius .

Alison McNeil's Inaugural Fiddle Workshops. Liz Gower writes about the weekend she attended Alison's workshop on banks of the Clyde one sunny weekend last summer.

Tunes in the centre pages
Tite Smith's Hornpipe and Gypsy('s) Hornpipe, both tunes are Stephen Boldwin tunes and both are written out as he would have played them.

An obituary of Joe Scurfield, fiddle player with the Old Rope String Band
who was tragically killed in a road accident in June.

The Fiddle Scene of the North West Corner of the USA. Dr Dave Perkins writes about the thriving fiddle scene in Washington State, USA. The tunes that are popular there and the many fiddle events that take place in the area.

Fiddle Bluffing. Trevor Buck talks about the skill of Fiddle Bluffing – that is the art of joining in with a tune that you don't really know.

Vassar Clements. An obituary this American fiddle player who had a background in country, bluegrass, jazz and swing.

Instrument Matters In his regular article Glen Titmus talks about the good old ubiquitous factory fiddle.

Books Reviewed

We're a' Connected reviewed by John Offord.

Fiddle maestro and teacher Pete Cooper talks about warm up exercises and ways to reduce stress.

Live review. Peter Fyfe writes about a Nancy Kerr and James Fagan concert he recently attended in Croydon.

Tailpiece. A regular series of articles by Thomas Fairbairn. In this piece Tom talks about recording tracks for the new Whapweasel album.

A chance to win a pair of tickets for next years Celts in the Costwolds Festival.
Also CD reviews, news and chitchat from the UK fiddle scene and much, much more.