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The main article in this issue of FiddleOn magazine is another big issue of 48 pages, crammed packed with interesting articles and useful information. In addition to regular items such as news and views, workshops and reviews, this issue also contains:
Bruce and those Hyperactive MacGregors. An interview with Bruce MacGregor - founder member of Blazin' Fiddles. Bruce talks about his childhood lessons when he was taught by Donald Riddel, through to life now as a professional musician. This article is written by Trevor Buck.

Into the Avant Garde with Chris Stout. Chris talks about his various bands including Fiddlers' Bid and Salsa Celtica. He also talks about the people who inspired him, his experimentation with other traditions and his compositions. This areticle is written by Trevor Buck.

Tom McConville Sophie Parkes talks to Tom McConville about how he first took up the fiddle and his interest in playing and singing.

Lost Morris and the tunes of John Mason, Gloucestershire fiddler. Ed Pritchard writes about research he has been doing into the tunes of Cotswold Morris sides that no longer exist. Research that has culminated in a CD ( Lost Morris) of tunes collected from the playing of such players as John Mason and Willian Hathaway.

New voices at Celtic Connections Mark Morpurgo writes about a composition commisioned for this years Celtic Connections written by fiddle player Anna-Wendy Stevenson.

Border Fiddlers Scoop BBC Awards. Mark Morpurgo writes about the award-winning Border Fiddlers.

Tunes in the centre pages
Maid of the Mill Three variations on the same tune. All three tunes were collected by Cecil Sharp from his research of Cotswold Morris tunes.

Fiddlers Retreat Jessica Taryn writes about courses run by Theresa Bourke from her home near Kilkenny, Ireland.

Mick Brooks An obituary written by Tim Rooke on fiddle player and caller Mick Brooks. Mick was a popular figure in the folk scene on the South of England who died in November 2005.

Books Reviewed

The Scots Fiddle Volume 3 reviewed by John Offord.

Fiddle maestro and teacher Pete Cooper talks about playing music with others, in unison and as an accompaniment. Also, Pete briefly touches on English fiddle tunes, its hostory and character.

Tailpiece. A regular series of articles by Thomas Fairbairn. In this piece Tom talks about the complexities of recording the fiddle.

A chance to win one of two Fiddlers Elbow T shirts kindly donated by Wychwood Breweries.
Also CD reviews, news and chitchat from the UK fiddle scene and much, much more.