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Issue Number 35 Number of this issue available: 0


In this issue of FiddleOn magazine (number 35) we have 56 pages packed full with interesting articles and useful information. In addition to regular items such as news and views, details of workshops, book and CD reviews, this issue also contains:

Douglas Montgomery – Emotional Fiddler. Trevor Buck chats to fiddle player of The Chair and Saltfishforty. Douglas talks about his approach to playing the fiddle with a big band such as The Chair compared with playing in a duo such as Saltfishforty. He also talks about over coming nerves and his philosophy of learning and playing.

Halle Ford. A short article about the young American fiddle player, singer/songwritier Halle Ford. Halle hopes to take fiddle playing into the main-stream market with her recent album Pretty Girl.

Day by Day. Sophie Parkes chats to Orcadian player Catriona Price. Catriona talks about studying music at The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, and about her duo Twelfth Day.

Bridging That Gap Mick Tew chats to fiddle and viola player Patsy Reid. Patsy talks about life on the road as a busy musician. She talks about her time in the band Breabach. She talks about who she admires in the folk scene and her recent projects.

Part Maths and Part Magic Sophie Parkes talks to English fiddler and singer Elle Osborne. Elle talks about singing, her recording projects, her influences and how a road accident almost brought her fiddle playing to an end.

Old-Time Fiddle. Stergios Loustas explains the techniques used to produce that authentic Old-Time sound. The centre pages includes music notation of a popular Old-Time tune Tom and Jerry.

Finding a New Bow Hold. Judith Hillier tells the story of how an old injury came back to theaten to end her fiddle playing.

The Cumberland Bard Jeremy Weaver compiles the story of Jimmy Dyer a Victorian street musician who scratched a living on the streets of Carlisle. Thanks to Bampton Live music festival for their help in compiling this article.

Six Types of Session-Goer. An amusing but touching poem by Frank Pickering which looks at the different types of character who attend music sessions.

In his regular article, Glen Titmus explains how the soundpost and bridge effect the sound of your fiddle.

Fiddle teacher and writer Chris Haigh explains Texas Fiddle Playing. He talks about how it evolved and who the top players are.

A chance to win a copy of the new book Exploring Jazz Violin. Kindly donated by Schott Music Publishers.
Other stuff in this issue include: CD reviews, book reviews, a music quiz, news and chitchat from the UK fiddle scene and small ads.