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issue 13
An interview with Jon Boden of the hugely successful duo Spiers and Boden. In conversation with Sophie Parkes. Jon talks about his musical influences and how he started playing the fiddle.
An interview with fiddle player and composer Chris Woods, who talks to Trevor Buck about his current band the English Acoustic Collective and state of English traditional music.
Other articles in this issue:

The Birth of Beauty

Linda Morpurgo talks about a new duo on the scene. Fiddle player Anna-Wendy Stevenson and pianist James Ross.

Proptness in Emission.
A look at the mistranslation on a packet of violin strings.

Celts in the Cotswolds
Celts in the Cotswolds is an annual Celtic music festival held each February in Warickshire. Trevor and Sandra Buck look back at this great little festival that took place earlier this year.

Taransay Traditional Fiddle School
Dolan Morrison recalls the poeple and events at this summer's Taransay Fiddle School.

The Willie Clancy Summer School
Barry Taylor writes about the history of this popular summer school that is held each July in Miltown Malbay on the west cost of Ireland.

Living the Tradition
Melville Davies recalls this summer's Shetland Fiddle Frenzy. Six days of workshops, concerts and sessions.

Books Reviewed
John Moar looks at Alawon John Thomas, and John Offord reviews Irish Fiddle Solos and Spencie's Tunes.

Fiddle maestro and teacher Pete Cooper takes a look at playing chords on the fiddle, and how chords and harmonies that can be achieved.

Violin dealer and repairer Glen Titmus explains how he answers that very common question – What's it worth?

A chance to win Pete Cooper's new book Irish Fiddle Solos. (Kindly donated by Pete Cooper).