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Issue Number 16 Number of this issue available: 0

issue16 A series of three articles in appreciation of English fiddle player Dave Swarbrick. The first article is written by Ian Campbell of The Ian Campbell Folk Group who talks about how he first met Swarb in the early 1960s. In the second article Trevor Buck talks to Chris Leslie about the influence Swarb has on the current crop of fiddlers. In the third article Trevor talks to one of the up-and-coming young players, Tom Kitching. Tom talks about how Swarb's playing has influenced him.

Other articles in this issue
Graham Mackenzie; Canny Veteran An interview with young Graham Mackenzie, a thirteen-year-old player from Inverness. In the past couple of years Graham has performed on stage with Blazin' Fiddles, has won the prestigious Danny Award, performed at Celtic Connections and Edinburgh’s Fiddle 2004. Graham was interviewed by Trevor Buck.

Tom McConville Fiddle Workshop Elaine Bradtke writes about a Tom McConville workshop held in Lewes, East Sussex in December.

Patrick Kelly of Cree Barry Taylor writes about Patrick Kelly, one of the top fiddle players of the last century in County Clare.

Arnold Crapper, the South Yorkshire Fiddler Pete Bibby writes about a 'Yorkshire based player and composer' Arnold Crapper.

Fiddlers’ Meet A review of the 2004 Fiddler’s Meet which took place in the Yorkshire Dales in November. Written by Pete Bibby

Tunes in the centre pages
Nowt so queer as folk and Parson on the privy, both tunes written by Arnold Crapper.

The Making of Gaodhol’s Vision
John Somerscales talks to Joe O’Donnell about the making of his acclaimed 1977 album.

Instrument Matters In his regular article Glen Titmus talks about running repairs.

Books Reviewed

Hawk and Harnser reviewed by John Offord. Any Fool Can Write Fiddle Tunes! reviewed by Peter Bibby. Method of the 21st Century reviewed by John Offord.

Fiddle maestro and teacher Pete Cooper writes about how to put rhythm into your tunes. Also includes a list of useful fiddle chords.

A chance to win Dave Swarbrick's Tunes Book. (Kindly donated by Free-Reed Music ).

Also CD reviews, chitchat from the UK fiddle scene and much, much more.