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Issue Number 11  Number of this issue available: 0

issue 11
Feature article: Alasdair Fraser, BPs Lost Our Gain – An interview with this renown Scottish fiddle player and teacher. In conversation with Trevor Buck.

Other articles
: From the Wilds of Devon – An article by Nick Wyke who takes a look at the fiddle tradition of Devon. In particular tunes from the playing of William Andrews. To coincide with the publication of The William Andrews Tune Book and accompanying CD recently produced by The Wren Trust. A First Foray into the Traditional Music Scene – An article by Anne Palmer who discribes her first fiddle workshop when, as a classical player, she attended the Blazin’ in Beauly Fiddle Week, held each year in Inverness-shire. Getting the Tiger by the Tail or a tale of starting a new fiddle workshop – written by Linda Morpurgo. Bob Winquist, Dark Horse – An interview with Canadian Bluegrass fiddler Bob Winquist. Molly Briggs’ Festival Diary – A fictional story by Helen Bell. PEL: A Democratic Farce or a War on Music – Susan Mallett takes a look at the new Public Entertainment Licensing Bill that has just been introduced in England and Wales. Making My Own Fiddle – A piece by Tom Bell-Richards on how he went about making his own fiddle, the books to read and the tools to use.

Pete Cooper article: the variety of styles of fiddle tunes in the UK.

Nick Woodward article: How the violin evolved.

Tunes in the centre pages
: Three tunes taken from The William Andrews Tune Book – The Sydney Hornpipe, The Queen’s Hornpipe, Hasty Money.

Books reviewed:
John Moar looks at Stephane Grappelli, With And Without Django.

A chance to win the book Traditional Scottish Fiddling, donated by Taigh NaTeud.